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A gram of gold costs around £32. That means that the Zakat on gold which you need to pay is: 80p per Gram, £9.34 per tola/bori. Zakat Calculator for Gold You Calculate Zakat on gold When you want to calculate Zakat on gold then the Nisab is the cash equivalent of 3 ounces/87.48 grams of gold For example, if each ounce

Gold and silver are zakatable in full. This is whether they are in the form of jewellery, coins, etc. Calculating it is simple. You take the value of your gold or Gold is the very definition of increasing wealth, and Zakat comes due on all growing and producing wealth at the threshold (niṣâb) and timeline the Prophet, on him Zakat must be paid on 2.5% of the value of the gold that you own. A gram of gold costs £40.88, which equates to £1.02 Zakat per gram. For example, if you own 50 Für Bargeldsummen, die die Nisâbgrenze erreicht haben, wird genau wie bei Vermögenswerten in Gold und Silber die Zakat im Gegenwert von 2,5 Prozent des Zakat muss nur bezahlt werden, wenn das Vermögen die Nissab überschreitet. Die Nissab ist der Mindestbetrag. Nissab wird in Gold (85 Gramm) berechnet. Für 2021

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Zakat = Geld + verliehenes Geld + Gold oder Silber - Schulden. Von der errechnete Summe wird ein prozentualer Wert in Höhe von 2,5 % als Zakat verwendet. Geben Sie Wer muss Zakat zahlen? Jeder Muslim bzw. jede Muslima, die ein Vermögen mindestens in der Höhe des Nisab besitzt, ist verpflichtet, am Ende eines Mondjahres 2,5 % des Der Nisab wird tagesaktuell nach dem Wert für 85 Gramm Gold berechnet. Der aktuelle Nisab in Goldwert beträgt 4.118,00 €. Von der errechneten Summe wird ein prozentualer

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Die Grenze, die zur Abgabe der zakât verpflichtet, sind 81 Gramm Gold. Ob Sie diese Menge an Gold erreichen oder nicht, ist maßgebend, ob Sie zakât pflichtig Das Wort Zakat bedeutet Reinheit oder sich reinigen. Sie ist eine religiöse Pflichtabgabe und soziale Verantwortung für erwachsene Muslime. Ein festgelegter Anteil - zakat calculator gold It's a Kind of worship that's needed for the elimination of a person's soul and wealth. It's not a voluntary charity or taxation, but it's a

Wenn also jemand eine bestimmte Menge Gold oder Silber hat, muss er Zakat bezahlen. Darüber wird in der islamischen Literatur viel diskutiert. Als Muslime müssen wir das Calculating Zakat on gold involves some simple processes which are as followed : Weigh your pure gold jewelry to see if it exceeds the 87.5 grams Nisaab threshold. If

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Zakat on Gold: Definition Zakat on gold is mandatory similar to Zakat al-mal for all Muslims which is to be charged over the total amount of gold owned by a person if it Now lets use the formula: Nz = (60,10 gram of gold: 85 gram of gold) + (300 gram of silver: 595 gram of silver) = 0,707 + 0,504 = 1,211. By this number, Nz more than Zakat is obligatory when a certain amount of money, called the nisab is reached or exceeded. Zakat is not obligatory if the amount owned is less than this nisab. For gold intended for usage (gold jewelries intended to be worn regardless of frequency), Zakat has to be paid if each piece of gold jewelry meets the uruf of 860 grams

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  1. pay zakat on jewelry in three cases: On gold and silver jewelry kept as a store of value for the purpose of investment or increasing its worth, when it equals or
  2. Zakat is 2.5 percent of the real money and wealth that we have for one year. So we can calculate the exact amount Zakat by using this value. 7.5 tola gold means that if
  3. Measure of Zakat on the Two Currencies. The measure of Zakat obligatory on gold, silver and paper currencies is one-fourth of a tenth or 2.5%. For every twenty
  4. Salam u3laiakum, ich möchte hier die wissenden muslimischen Schwestern und Brüder ansprechen, die eine Fatawa oder Dalil darüber haben, ob es wirklich Fard ist über

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  1. Zakat on Gold. The Zakat payable on the Gold you own is 2.5% of its value. On average, a gram of Gold costs $70. Therefore, the Zakat you're due to pay is: $70
  2. Title: Zakat in Gold Group: 5Code: MBAC 4223 Subject: Taxation & ZakatGroup members & Matric Numbers:- 1) Nur Amaluddin Bin Nor Azman & (18BB05016)2) Muhamma..
  3. Zakat on Pure Gold and Gold Jewellery Zakat should be calculated at 2.5% of the market value as on the date of valuation (In our case we consider 1st of Ramadan). As of
  4. d. 1 Jahr still stand), Aktien
  5. Gold zakat calculation not only involved jewelery but those used daily or kept and anything in the form of gold such as watch,gold bulk, locket, button, brooch
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  7. And there is no obligation of zakat in gold, until you have 20 dinars. If you already have 20 dinars and it has been saved for a year, then the amount of zakat that must be taken from it is 1/2 of a dinar. (Narrated by Abu Daud, no. 1391, and classed as valid by Al Albani). The hadith above explained about the threshold of dinar (gold) and dirham (silver) which were currencies in the past.

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Zakat für Gold und Silber ~ Hallo alle Leser! In diesem Artikel erkläre ich die Zakat für Gold und Silber. Wenn also jemand eine bestimmte Menge Gold oder Silber hat, muss er Zakat bezahlen. Darüber wird in der islamischen Literatur viel diskutiert. Als Muslime müssen wir das wissen Now lets use the formula: Nz = (60,10 gram of gold: 85 gram of gold) + (300 gram of silver: 595 gram of silver) = 0,707 + 0,504 = 1,211. By this number, Nz more than 1, we know that the person is already obliged to pay zakat of 2.5% from his total wealth. And to pay the zakat of gold and silver, he may convert it to the currently accepted money

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Measure of Zakat on the Two Currencies. The measure of Zakat obligatory on gold, silver and paper currencies is one-fourth of a tenth or 2.5%. For every twenty dinar of gold, half of a dinar is paid as Zakah, any increment is calculated accordingly; no matter how small or big this is Salam u3laiakum, ich möchte hier die wissenden muslimischen Schwestern und Brüder ansprechen, die eine Fatawa oder Dalil darüber haben, ob es wirklich Fard ist über Gold die Zakat zu entrichten. Ich habe hierzu mal eine Fatawa gehört worin es hieß, das wenn man die Absicht hat, das Gold zu kaufen.. Gold versus Gummi Eine Zakat in der Höhe von 2,5 Prozent seines Einkommens zu entrichten, gehört zu den Pflichten jedes wohlhabenden Muslims. Das Wort Zakat kommt im Koran 32 Mal vor

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Der Mindestbetrag für das Entrichten der Zakāh entspricht dem Wert von 87 Gramm Gold. Beispiel 1: Der Mindestbetrag für das Entrichten der Zakāh ist 2000$. Nehmen wir an, dass jemand 1000$ Bargeld, Gold und Silber im Wert von 1500$ und Handelsware im Wert von 2500$ besitzt, dann beträgt sein Gesamtvermögen 5000$ (angenommen, er hat kein. Zakat is always calculated by taking into account the nisab. Nisab is the minimum amount that a Muslim must have before being obliged to give zakat. The Nisab according to the gold standard is 3 ounces of gold (87.48 grams) or its cash equivalent. The nisab by the silver standard is 21 ounces of silver (612.36 grams) or its equivalent in cash Zakat is payable on gold and silver jewelry, even if it is not for business purposes, provided it reaches the quantity of nisab and has been possessed for one lunar year or more. Yes, the zakat on your wife's jewelry is payable by her. If she does not have enough money to pay the zakat, then either she could sell some of the jewelry, or you could give her enough money to enable her to pay the. Zakat funds help eligible families to cover their immediate needs, such as food, water, shelter and medicine. The families we meet every single day have lost everything, except their faith in a better tomorrow. They are eligible for your Zakat. You can calculate your Zakat here and offer it to families who have fled some of the world's most devastating crises. 100% of your Zakat is.

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Zakat ist eine Vermögensabgabe, die auf bestimmte Formen des Besitzes erhoben wird: Gold und Silber, haltbare, ortsübliche landwirtschaftliche Güter, Vieh und Waren. Über ihre Verteilung findet man im Qur'an folgendes: Die gesammelte Zakat ist für die Armen; die Mittellosen; diejenigen, die sie einsammeln; um die Herzen der Leute nahe zu bringen; für die Befreiung von Sklaven; die. Gold silver yani sona chandi agar kisi ke pass ho aur wah Nesab tak pahonch jaye to us par zakat wajib hogi kyun ki allah tala ne Quran me farmaya hai ki: jo log sona chandi jama karke rakhte hain (yani us ki zakat nahi dete) unke liye sakht azab hai (Sure Tobah: 34). Isi tarah Muslim shareef ki ek riwayat me aaya hai: عَنْ أَبِي هُرَيْرَةَ، يَقُولُ. Zakat on jewellery. There is no zakat on jewlery other than gold and silver.This means that there is no zakat on precious stones such as rubies or diamonds, regardless of their market value. Zakat is due only on gold and silver. 'A woman came to see Allah's messenger with her daughter, and the girl had two thick gold bracelets Property intended to live in or rent for others to live in is not zakat-eligible. Precious metals such as gold or silver. Jewlery that that you regularly wear and use is not zakat-eligible. Stocks; Business Assets as personal: money, property, current goods in stock, etc. if you only own a share of the business, e.g. 50%, you only pay zakat for 50% of the total value. Please note, this is only.

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  1. ing the nisab threshold. The charity 'Islamic Relief' states that there are two thresholds for nisab
  2. Zakat on gold or silver jewellery. Omar Farooq, Abdullah Bin Masoud, Abdullah Bin Abbas, Abdullah Bin Amr Bin Al-A'as(May Allah pleased with them), similarly famous and renowned Tabeien, Saeed Bin Jobair, Ata'a, Mujahid, Ibn Sirin, Imam Zohari, Imam Sauri, Imam Auzaie and the great Imam Abu Hanifah (May Allah's mercy fall upon them) are well convinced being Zakat obligatory on usable.
  3. zakat calculator for all like cash zakat,gold zakat,silver zakat..etc. Prayer times Hijri date Date converter Hijri calendar Zakat Moon Today. AR. Zakat calculator. Prayer times › Zakat calculator. Nisab. The Nisab, It is how you will know if you are required to pay zakat for what you have,Ulamaa said it is better to calcuate nisab in silver and nisab of silver equal 595 gram (as they said.
  4. Zakat must be paid by everyone who has assets (Gold, Silver, Money and/or Stocks) upto Nisab of zakat unused for 1 year. Nisab of Zakat: Nisab of zakat is one or more of the following: 1: Gold: 7.5 tola = 87.48 grams. 2: Silver: 52.50 tola = 612.35 grams. 3: Cash equivalent to 7.5 tola or 87.48 grams gold. which is ~4131,68 € today for 22K

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  1. Contents. 1 Zakat; 2 things that zakaah is due; 3 Conditions that Zakat; 4 Zakat Gold; Zakat. The Zakat third pillar of the Islamic religion five, which is imposed on every human adult Muslim sane conditions zakat apply to it, has been mentioned in many verses of the Quran, said Ezz Almighty: (not righteousness that they turn away your faces before the Mashreq and Maghreb but mainland safe.
  2. imum amount a person possesses for over a year in order to be obliged to pay Zakah.You can calculate nisab in terms of either Gold or Silver value
  3. Zakat Gold ist 2,5% des Quorums. Das Gold-Zakat entspricht 85 x (2,5%). Die Gold-Zakah beträgt aufgrund der Gesamtmenge 2.125 g. Die Gold-Zakah in bar ist 2,125 x 24. Die Zakaah auf Gold entspricht 51 Jordanischen Dinaren. Es ist notwendig, einen festen Tag in jedem Jahr einzuhalten, um dem Zakat Gold aufzuerlegen und eine Verzögerung der Frist zu vermeiden, damit der Preis für den Verkauf.

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Folgende Besitztümer müssen zur Berechnung der Zakat einbezogen werden: Vorhandenes Bargeld (auf der Bank oder zu Hause, welches mind. 1 Jahr still stand), Aktien, Gold, Silber, Anlagen, Immobilien, Vieh, Rente, Gründstücke usw. Nicht zur Berechnung zählen alltägliche Dinge wie z.B. das eigene Haus, Möbel, Autos, Essen oder seine eigene. The value of nisab is 85g of pure gold, as its value in the market is never constant. This year (2021), the gold nisab is approximately CAD $6,200. Wealthy Muslims around the world are encouraged to seek out charities that distribute Zakat properly according to the Qur'anic mandate. They are also encouraged to seek out relatives or community. Zakat on gold. 9,067 people read this post. Question: I was given a large amount of gold as part of my Mahr in which my ex husband stole from me whilst I was married to him. He then pawned it to a shop gambling all the money away, this gold was then bought back from the shop by my ex husbands sister and it now is in her possession. I want to know: 1) Does the gold now belong to her as she has. Gold Price in Bangladesh Today ☞ #1 Gold Price in Bangladesh with Zakat Price in Online. Gold Price BD is the No. 1 gold price-related website for quick loading of gold price directly Bangladesh jewelers association (BAJUS) with oz, gram, and various types of Karate including Zakat charts. We provide gold price in Bangladeshi currency (TK.) and different types of Gold Price,gold price in.

Nisab is the minimum amount that a Muslim must have before being obliged to zakat. The Nisab was set by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) at a rate equivalent to: 87.48 grams of gold and 612.36 grams of silver. As we no longer use silver or gold as currency, you need to find out the equivalent monetary exchange value of the rates the Prophet Muhammad (SAW. Thy Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, A time will come upon the people when a person will wander about with gold as Zakat and will not find anybody to accept it, and one man will be seen followed by forty women to be their guardian because of scarcity of men and great number of women. Volume 2, Book 24, Number 496 : Narrated by Abu Masu In essence, only the following categories are zakātable: 1) Gold and silver. 2) Cash. 3) Merchandise. 4) Agricultural produce. 5) Animals and livestock. A property on lease is not subject to zakāt.[1] The rental received from the tenant will be added to one's total wealth and will be subject to zakāt Zakat on Pure Gold and Gold Jewellery. Zakat should be calculated at 2.5% of the market value as on the date of valuation (Lunar date). Most Ulema favour the Market Value prevailing as on the date of Calculation and not the purchase price. Zakat on Precious and Semi-Precious Stones. If these precious stones were purchased for commercial purpose (as an inventory), only then the market value of.

Zakat Calculator Online - Zakat calculator 2016 will show the Zakat that is due on you, when you become Sahib e Nisab (7.5 Tola Gold/Sona or 52.5 Tola Silver/Chandi or cash amount or business commodity equal to 52.5 tola silver and one year passes over it. Zakaat is classified as the most significant pillar of Islam. It is levied on those who are categorized as 'Sahib e Nisab, the one who. This means that the nisab of money is the price of 85 grams of 999-type (pure) gold, on the day in which Zakat is paid. (Current Gold Prices) Easiest way to work out Zakat. At any day of the year (eg 21st Ramadan) add up the value of your gold, silver, savings, cash, shares etc - these are your total assets. Minus from this any money you owe and any bills immediately due - these are your. Zakat is NOT due on any of the jewels IN your gold or silver jewelry. So you would not pay any zakat on a platinum and diamond ring, for example. You need to find the weight of the pure silver/gold, and not any other metal mixed in. Since this isn't easy, you may need to have them measured by a jeweler. Here are the differences between madhabs. NZF follows the gold Nisab; However, this calculator is based on the Silver Nisab to accommodate everyone. If you follow the silver Nisab, you don't need to take any special action. If you follow the gold Nisab, please see the gold Nisab value (in $) to the right, You are liable to pay Zakat if your net Zakatable assets are above the Nisab value

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  1. Calculate Zakat on Savings; Calculate Zakat on Gold; Calculate Zakat on Insurance; Zakat Modes of Payment Menu Toggle. Zakat Payment Guide & Tutorials; Mosque Zakat Collection; AXS; DBS/POSB iBanking; DBS / POSB ATM; Cheque; OCBC Al-Wadiah; CIMB Clicks; GIRO; Zakat Disbursement Menu Toggle. Zakat Disbursement 2020 ; COVID-19 Muis Support Fund (CMSF) Social Development & Assistance for the Poor.
  2. Zakat on gold is calculated in the same way. The sole difference is that the current Nisab on gold is different from silver as per recent updates. The current Nisab on gold weighing 87.48 grams, approximately $5,399.78. Use this calculator to Calculate your Zakat on Gold now. How do you calculate Zakat on rupees? The Zakat on rupees is calculated in the same sense, and only the calculations.
  3. Die Zakat wird auf die Feld- und Obsternte und Viehherden bis zu einem Zehntel der Erträge erhoben. Auf Gold und andere Edelmetalle, Edelsteine, Handelswaren und Geschäftserträge gibt es höhere Steuersätze. Versorgung der Armen. Im Koran, Sure 9,60 (Die Buße) sind acht Gruppen definiert, denen die Zakat zukommen soll. Nach modernen Korankommentare soll die Zakat vor allem zur.

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Kitne gold per Zakat Farz hai? mufti tariq masood #shorts #muftitariqmasood tariq masood short #goldmufti tariq masoodmufti tariq masood#MuftiTariqMasood #Ta.. Zakat ist an die weltlichen Besitztümer gebunden. Wenn jemand Feldfrüchte, Vieh, Edelmetalle oder Handelsgüter besitzt, ist er/sie verpflichtet Zakat zu spenden. Mit Handelsgütern sind die Waren gemeint, welche für den Verkauf bestimmt sind. Die Höhe der Spende beträgt 2,5% des Gesamtwertes vom Besitz to Zakat. The Hanafi School treats all gold and silver jewellery as Zakatable, regardless of whether it is worn or stored. If you own personal use items made from a mixture of metals, these are only liable to Zakat if half or more of the metal is gold or silver. Some scholars hold that the proportion of gold or silver in any owned asset is Zakatable. You can find out the current value of your. Die Zakat wird auf die Feld- und Obsternte und Viehherden bis zu einem Zehntel der Erträge erhoben. Auf Gold und andere Edelmetalle, Edelsteine, Handelswaren und Geschäftserträge gibt es höhere Steuersätze. Versorgung der Armen. Im Koran, Sure 9,60 (Die Buße) sind acht Gruppen definiert, denen die Zakat zukommen soll. Nach modernen. It is defined as the value of 87.5g of pure gold or 625g silver. Most scholars favour the lower value as it means that more people can pay Zakat and therefore there are more beneficiaries. Gold Nisab. $6,762 (87.48g) Silver Nisab. $431 (612.36g) How We Spend Your Zakat Donations. Most of the work we carry out at Muslim Hands is Zakat eligible. As well as distributing food and water to those.

Zakat al-Mal (commonly called zakat) is due when a person's wealth reaches the nisab amount and can be paid anytime during the year. Zakat al-Fitr is paid by the head of the household for each member of the family, before Eid al-Fitr prayer. Zakat al-Fitr is about the price of one meal—estimated at $10 in 2021 Abstract Objective - This study proposes a conceptual framework of Zakat based management model using blockchain technology with its transparent, secure, auditable, and efficient system in order.

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#Zakat berechnen - eine alljährliche Aufgabe, bei der sich viele Muslime und Musliminnen unsicher fühlen. Darum haben wir die Grundlagen noch einmal für.. Calculate your Zakat with our easy to use Zakat Calculator and donate today. Calculate Zakat on cash, savings, shares, gold, silver and propert Zakat on gold jewelry According to most opinions we have to give Zakaat of gold only if it exceeds 85 grams But there is one Hadeeth in which Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam where he told Fatima may Allaah be pleased with her that she has to give Zakaat on the one bangle which she wore otherwise her hand will be in HellWhich opinion is correct Hope you will answer this question All.

Zakat on gold and silver. Zakat is payable on gold and silver, which were the standard currencies for long periods of history,:as Allah says 'To those who hoard up gold and silver and do not spend them in Allah's cause, give the news of a painful suffering.' (9:34) Needless to say, such warnings are given only in the case of neglecting a duty. As we noted, the Prophet (peace be upon him. For Gold . The fuqaha 'differed concerning his Zakah It is not subject to zakat regardless of its weight or its amount It is subject to zakaah when it reaches the nisaab Is not subject to zakat when it is within the usual period, and more than usual is subject to zakat (this is most likely) As for gold that is saved and broken, and which is not used, it is obligatory to Pay zakaah whether it. Gold - the value of 87.48g of gold. Zakat Calculator 2021. NISAB VALUE: (Silver) 612.36g equating to £275.01 (Gold) 87.48g equating to £3983.93 ; Base Nisab Value of. Enter all assets that have been in your possession over a lunar year: Value of Gold £ Value of Silver £ Cash: In hand and in bank accounts £ Deposited for some future purpose, e.g. Hajj £ Given out in loans £ Business.

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Does one pay zakat on gold that is worn by a woman regularly? I know we pay zakat for gold/silver that is locked up in a bank or something. There are three popular opinions about paying Zakat on Jewelry. One that states it is never paid, another that differentiates between that worn for adornment versus that held for value, and the third that states any jewelry is liable for Zakat as long as. Basiere deine Berechnungen auf Silber: Da aktuell Silber günstiger ist als Gold, sollte die Zakat basierend auf dem Silberpreis berechnet werden. So können es sich mehr Muslime leisten, die Zakat zu bezahlen und mehr Menschen kann damit geholfen werden. Man kann seine Zakat jedoch auch anhand des Goldpreises berechnen. Das Startdatum wird festgesetzt, sobald dein Zakat Pool das Nisab Limit.

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Zakat muss für verschiedene Kategorien des Eigentums gezahlt werden - Gold, Silber, Geld; Weidetierbestand, landwirtschaftliche Produkte und geschäftliche Waren - und ist zahlbar ein Jahr, nachdem es in den Besitz gelangt ist und das Gesamtvermögen eine festgesetzte Mindestgrenze überschritten hat. Es wird ein jährlicher Betrag von 2,5 % des Besitzes und Vermögens einer Einzelperson. However, if the wealth exceeds this minimum level, Zakat is payable. The Nisab limit for Gold is 7 ½ tolas (87.479 grams) while for Silver it is 52 ½ tolas (612.35 grams) or its equivalent. The price of Gold on 26th March 2020 in Mumbai was Rs. 4217 per gram while the price of Silver was Rs. 41.81 per gram

The Zakat that you owe is calculated on: 2.5% of personal wealth and annual savings. 5% of a farmer's assets where the farmer has funded the irrigation of crops. 10% of a farmer's assets where the farmer's crops have been irrigated by rain. 20% of valuables and resources on the property, such as gold, silver, and oil IndiaZakat.com is India's First Zakat Crowdfunding platform floated by the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) with a view to bring the Zakat Seekers and Zakat Givers on a unified platform. Its objective is to undertake its operations purely with the intent of bringing socio-economic transformation in the lives of the people, without seeking to generate any commercial surplu

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Zakat On Gold Jewellery FATWA ISSUED BY FATWA COMMITTEE, MAJLIS UGAMA ISLAM SINGAPURA. The Fatwa Committee has revised the fatwa regarding the payment of Zakat on gold jewellery on its seventh meeting dated 9 June 2011. FATWA. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم . الحمد لله رب العالمين ، والصلاة والسلام على سيد المرسلين وإمام. es wird nach dem Wert gefragt für Silber und Gold. Und der Prophet saas antwortete: wenn der Wert des Silbers 200 Hundert dirham erreicht, so sind es 5 dirham, so ist es weniger als 200 dirham ist kein Zakat auf ihn. Und wenn der Wert des Goldes 20 dinar beträgt, so ist 0,5 Dinar Zakat, ist der Wert weniger als 20 Dinar so ist kein Zakat auf ihn Zakat auf Gold und Silber wird erst dann Pflicht, wenn sie eine gewisse Grenze, die man Nissab nennt, überschritten haben. Bei Gold ist diese Grenze 20 islamische Dinar, wobei jeder Dinar ca. 3,45-3,66 Gramm schwer ist. Wenn diese Grenze erreicht ist, dann zahlt man für die ersten 20 Dinar ein halbes Dinar Zakat und dann pro 4 weitere Dinar, 1/10 Dinar. Bei Silber ist die Grenze 200 Dirham.

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It can vary from the farm produce, cattle, business activities, paper currency or precious metals (gold, silver). Based on income and the value of possession, the common minimum amount is 2.5% or 1/40 of a Muslim's savings and wealth. Zakat is mostly paid out at the end of the year. Once a year. The recipients are the poor and needy, struggling Muslim converts, people in debt and soldiers. Zakat can be calculated on property, gold, income, diamond, etc. and before paying zakat, It is important to see who are eligible for zakat. Farm produce . Wheat harvest. According to al-Qardawi, the grains and fruits mentioned in the hadith on zakah are limited to wheat, rye, date and raisins. However, the majority of scholars prescribed zakah on different kinds of grains and fruits by. Dear brother one can pay zakat on ones gold by determining their market value, and then pay 2.5% of the total determined amount. And Allah alone knows the best. I ask Allah to make this a sincere effort, seeking his pleasure, and I ask him to grant us refuge in him from the evils within ourselves, and that in our deeds. I ask him to grant us success in achieving whatever pleases him; And May. Q: I had been gifted some gold around 2012 from my family when I got married but that gold has never been in my possession and has always stayed with my ex in laws - I am divorced now since 2014 but haven't gotten back the gold or anything back yet and I am unsure if I will get it back- do I still need to pay zakat on this gold?. A: You need to find out if you will get the gold from your. Zakat is payable on one's Nisab. It should be calculated on any surplus wealth you have had for at least one lunar year. Items one must pay Zakat for are: Gold, silver, precious metal, including ornaments/ jewellery containing gold/silver. Stocks and shares. Money you have lent to others. Cash in bank accounts, committees or at home